Should i switch to Android Studio?

Android Studio UI Designer

Android studio is becoming more popular day by day among the android development community and also the open source community. Many people are asking that question if they should switch to android studio. Today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of switching over to android studio. So here is the first thing to continue with pros of android studio Farewell  to old style workspaces and sub-projects Most of you guys have been working on Eclipse for years and familiar with the concept of a “Workspace”. You have an Android project which includes multiple project […]


Comparison between Android Studio & Eclipse

Android Studio  Eclipse Fighting

Everybody was talking about Android at Google’s May 2013 I/O event. But only one specific announcement caught the world’s attention that was no other than Android Studio; the official IDE for Android Development by Google. Now it’s been almost 2 years since the first public release and since then continuously upgrading from beta versions to now stable version of Android Studio. On Dec 08, 2014 Google released the Android Studio stable version with some advanced features. The Android Studio IDE is based on very popular IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains and is being offered by Google […]


What is Android Studio?

Android Studio

Android is in demand everywhere now a days. Small, mid-size and large size companies want to mark their presence at google play store with their customized application. To fulfill the market demands many of the android app developers are creating good user friendly applications. To create an android application, one needs a good IDE to minimize efforts. Most of the developers have been using eclipse IDE for personal and professional android application development. Due to this till date eclipse has large number of user base. Now Google marked his presence with stable version of android studio and snatching […]


Big Data, Hadoop and the preparation for the future

hadoop and big data

Big Data, Hadoop and the preparation for the future The backdrop and history: Till very recently the general approach of data processing was the managing data through pre-defined structures, i.e. understanding Data and handling them through the metadata. We had the metadata defined and then we transformed data into those structures, stored the data in those formats and then processed them and brought them out in structures too! Data therefore were defined and shackled in the metadata. This was the age were data generation was a defined activity and that served well till the time […]


Hadoop and MongoDB gains popularity

mongodb and hadoop.png

While the popularity of Big Data has taken the world by storm, the popularity of Hadoop framework and MongoDB – two quintessential technologies for Hadoop is also gaining popularity among programmers. Hadoop is not simple to understand. A professional with experience in Java can master Hadoop easily, since Hadoop is written in Java. Moreover, Hadoop is an open-source and a programmer may often have to delve deep inside the code to understand the characteristics of some functions or modifying the code as per requirement. On the other hand, MongoDB has also gained a massive attention […]


Hadoop HDFS (Common Interview Questions and Answers)

hdfs architecture

HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) HDFS is relatively a new name in the market and many professionals are trying to step into the realm of this future technology. However, to facilitate candidates preparing for a career on Hadoop file system (HDFS), here are some common questions and solutions that are often asked in the interview board: What are the essential features of HDFS? Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is one high fault-tolerant system and is architected to run on low-cost hardware. It has high throughput to access application data and is suited for applications with […]


Android GPS, Location Address using Location Manager Tutorial

Android GPS, Location Address using Location Manager Tutorial Image

Android GPS and Location Manager Almost all Android devices have GPS present in them and you can use it to find out the location of your user. Location aware applications are smarter and deliver better information. Assume you are hungry; you open your device and it tells you that McDonald’s is 300 meters away from where you are standing and shows you the exact location. That’s what location aware applications can do. There are two ways to fetch user’s location: Using GPS Using Mobile Phone’s Network GPS is the most accurate one but it only […]


Android style sheets (Styles and Themes)

Theme and Styles

Android Styles and Themes In web designing we have something called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) using which you can define the design once and then apply it to any number of views. This way you write less code, making it more efficient and manageable and in case you want to change something, you have to change only once and it will reflect everywhere. In Android too, we follow the same thing: Style is a bunch of properties that can change the look and feel of Android Views. In styles, you can specify properties like height, width, […]


Customize Toast message in Android

Default Toast message in Androidq

Download source code In this tutorial we will learn how to create a customized toast message in Android. We will create a separate drawable XML file to make our Toast message look even better. This is how our final Toast Message will look like:   For a complete step by step process, it is recommended that you watch this video: Customize Toast message in Android Toast in android is a small popup that provide feedback of an operation. By default, Toast message is shown at the bottom of the screen in a black (partially visible) box […]


Android JSON Parsing and Image Loading Tutorial

A customized ListView

In this tutorial we will learn how JSON parsing is done in Android, also we will load the images from URL to display them in a customized List View of Android. Download source code     1. What is JSON? For those who don’t know what is JSON, a quick explanation is given below: JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation It’s a light-weight data interchange format It is easy for humans to read and write and easy for machines to parse and generate.  JSON is made up of three parts: Key/Value Pairs separated by colons […]


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