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About Us

Wingnity is a leading turnkey education solution company, offering trending professional courses in India and around the globe. Our high quality and affordable courses, helps both professionals and students to master their field at their own convenience. 

Wingnity has helped tons of individuals learn new skills, straight from the industry experts. Wingnity has revolutionized the process of problem solving with “Wingnity 24x7 Technical Help” feature. This helpline makes it possible for students to get their queries addressed around the clock, freeing them from the constraints of having to wait for a long time for the solutions they need.


  • Online P2P (person to person) real classes
  • Get trained by highly skilled working professionals
  • On demand 24x7 technical help
  • High quality course material including Live classes, Videos, PDFs, PPTs, Assignments & Quizzes
  • A physical certificate endorsed by various industries
  • Individual real life project development for each learner
  • Flexible weekend classes for working professionals

Shadab Nawaz
Founder and CEO

With a keen vision to establish as an entrepreneur, Shadab laid down his first software venture named "Magicslov.com". He came to the role with 12 years of executive leadership experience with some of the top international brands: TopTable.co.uk London, Artog Australia, Seyton Distribution Pvt. Ltd., UK and Montessori Home Inc. US; including 5 years in the online retail and marketing sectors.

A technocrat and with an urge to expand and interact with people in technology, Mr. Nawaz established state-of-art education center named "Wingnity", offering specialized courses for experienced professionals. Shadab now sits at the pivotal point managing both the organizations. All the major decisions are taken by him, in alliance with trusted and experienced professionals that are associated with Mr. Nawaz for a long time. Shadab has a strong command over Microsoft Server, Cloud Computing, Linux, No-SQL databases, MySQL, PHP, Java, C and lots more.

Advisory Board Members

Sandeep Mittal
Technology Trends & Course Development

A vast and expansive career and with a keen interest in education sector, Sandeep first started his career as an associate faculty for NIIT. He thereby ascended steadily gaining positions of seniority and finally working as a consultant. Mr. Mittal plays a key role when it comes to deal with selection of courses to offer by "Wingnity". His observant nature mingled with his past experience made him a valuable member of the organization.

Sandeep is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia serving as a consultant with Hitachi systems where he is responsible of designing and delivering training on Hitachi Data Systems storage hardware and software to various Hitachi employees, partners, and customers. Currently he is also delivering training on HP Data Protector and HP Operations Manager in Windows and UNIX. Mr. Mittal is active with Wingnity and shares equal passion to produce a quality institute as online service.

Saurabh Arora
QA Manager

Having passed from IMT Ghaziabad, Saurabh has established himself as a proven technocrat with flair in management. Mr. Arora started his career back in 1998 and subsequently rose to excellence with sheer power of inquest in technological matters. In his 14 years of experience, he held managerial positions with reputed companies including NIIT Technologies and Cognizant Technology Solutions. His valuable insights on technology have helped to Wingnity to a vast extent.

Abdul Malik
Brand Manager

If there is one person to consult in regard to promotion of brand and other possible marketing initiatives, Wingnity reports to Mr. Malik. With a keen interest towards aesthetics on art, he completed his Bachelors on Applied Arts from JMI, Delhi and started professional services from 1994. Bagging vast and myriad nature of experiences in the field of art and design in Al-Maya Lal Group of Companies - Dubai and Lamcy Plaza - Dubai. Wingnity always takes benefits of his rich working experience with top international brands: Swiss Arabian, Levi's, Nakshatra, Titan, Nayomi, Damas, Red Tag, Matalan, Monte Carlo, Arrow, Daiso Japan etc.

Sandeep Gulati
Finance Manager

The finance department of Wingnity is allocated to Sandeep - an able hand having 15 years of experience in financial domain. Mr. Gulati is a Chartered Accountant. Sandeep is meticulous in his work and puts every possible effort to keep the financial model of Wingnity in tandem. We are happy to have Sandeep with Wingnity.

Legal Head

Poised Sameer is Wingnity's knight in the shining armor. He takes care of all the legal aspects of the organization. With strong manipulative skills and sharpness, fuelled by his experience in legal sector, nobody in Wingnity can think any legal action to proceed without Sameer's consent. We are proud to bring Sameer on board to manage the legal domain.


Starting with the sole purpose of making high quality education more accessible to everyone, Wingnity came into fruition. We aim to provide access to the best and most affordable learning all the over the world.

Our target is to bring our learners into the 21st century through latest and trending technology. Learning will be enhanced with quality course material, domain expert instructors and real life problems to resolve, that will allow learners to proceed at their own rate according to their ability.


To impart new ways of learning among the learners by removing traditional classrooms and introducing more intuitive mediums to achieve excellence. Wingnity has a clear mission to provide quality and affordable learning to learners at their own demand.